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The Virginia Solution

England Furniture Looks Next Door

England Furniture had several potential expansion locations to choose from at the start of its search, including Tennessee, Kentucky, and North Carolina. However, Southwest Virginia presented a unique opportunity to secure a large, infrastructure-ready facility in close proximity to its existing headquarters less than 60 miles away. The region offers more than 40 low-cost sites up to 800 acres and buildings up to 285,000 square feet, all with the accessibility to interstate highways that England Furniture required to service new markets across the East Coast and Midwest.

After the company expressed interest, regional partners from the Virginia Coalfield Economic Development Authority followed up promptly to recommend a vacant, 30,000-square-foot facility in Lee County. England Furniture was able to meet with local officials that same month to discuss acquiring the building, and the quick turnaround was an encouraging sign to the company that it had found a welcoming new home in Virginia.

We are delighted to expand our operations into the great state of Virginia. We would like to thank the state and its various agencies for their support, cooperation, and partnership in this endeavor, and we look forward to operating in Lee County and becoming involved in the community.

Terry England President, England Furniture


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